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Motherland: Fort Salem ( 2020 ) TV Series: Release Date, Cast, Wiki and More

Motherland: Fort Salem ( 2020 ) TV Series: Freeform Release Date, Cast, Wiki and More

Motherland: Fort Salem TV Series is release on 18 March, 2020. Motherland: Fort Salem TV Series is full of Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Taylor Hickson, Ashley Nicole Williams and Amalia Holm are main cast of Motherland: Fort Salem TV Series. More Details about Motherland: Fort Salem TV Series are below.

Network: Freeform

Name: Motherland: Fort Salem TV Series 

Language: English

Release Date: 18 March 2020 (USA)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Taylor Hickson as Raelle Collar 
Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather
Amalia Holm as Scylla
Lyne Renee as General Adler
Demetria McKinney as Anacostia
Annie Jacob as Glory Moffett 
Kai Bradbury as Gerit Buttonwood 
Sarah Yarkin as Libba Swythe 
Tony Giroux as Adil
Emilie Leclerc as Izadora
Guilherme Babilônia as Augustin Alcala
Linda Ko as General Nessa Clary
Jill Morrison as Berryessa Tansey
Jessica Sutton as Tally Craven 
Rhianna Jagpal as Hilary Saint
Lorraine Colond as General Salerno
Miranda Edward as Amina Straw 
Dana Jaine as Balloon Girl 
Maya Nadin as Army Officer
Kelcey Mawema as Abigail
Evelyn Chew as Secretary
Tamiko Brownlee as Sparring recruit #8
Arran Henn as TV Announcer
Queen Legend as Young Woman
Camillia Mahal as Officer #1
Sam Robert Muik as Paul
Lissa Neptuno as Ticket Agent
Natalie Skye as Necro Teacher
Megan Serena Trainer as Dancer
Zahra Anderson as President's Aide
Scott Augustine as Dancer
Georgia Beaty as Dishwater Blonde
Bernadette Beck as Charvel Bellweather
Grace Beedie as Young Sarah Alder
Corina Bizim as Cadet #2
Tanner Bornowsky as Teen Boy
Danielle Brokopp as Dancer
Milaina Chanel as Soldier #3
Jennifer Chu as Young Catering Waitress
Fleur Delahunty as Cute Kid
Emily Delaney as Soldier #2
Andrée Desrochers as Dancer
Christine Diefenbach as Outpost Soldier
Jillian Dion as Weaponized Girl
Micheal Doonan as Paul
Hannah Drew as Yates
Meghan Drew as Witch Re-enactor
Taylor Edwardson as Pilot
Prince Nii Engmann as Dancer
Shalyn Ferdinand as Violante
Sarah Formosa as Dancer
Ali Froggatt as Simms
Meghan Gardiner as Colonel Wick
Justine Gera as Dancer
Chelsea Gill as General Nabhitha Sharma
Tina Grant as Soldier #1
Chiara Guzzo as Liz Chausable
Craig Haas as Caring Man
Anita Hamilton as Military Recruit
Selma Heyman as Pilot
Kallie Hu as Young Soldier
Stewart Iguidez as Dancer
Jessica Keeling as Dancer
Jared Khalifa as Dancer
Junnicia Lagoutin as Beth Treefine
Kristina Lao as Officer #4
Louis Lay as Ciro Hood
Emily Nicole Lee as Crying Girl
Wern Lee as General Izuka
Jenny Lee-Gilmore as Spree Guard
Jessie Liang as Lt. Clary
Sage Linder as Xoana
Scott Lockyer as Dancer
Jasmine Lukuku as Lab Assistant #2
Flossie McKnight as Lt. Grieg
Michael Meneer as Reporter
Phillip Mitchell as Middle Aged Man
Carmen Moore as Aunt Samira
Billy Mustapha as Dancer
Kane Nelson as Dancer
Polina Nikolai as Military Recruit
Jennifer Oleksiuk as Officer #2
Audessa Parafina as Dancer
Nadia Vanessa Rose as Nurse
Michel Issa Rubio as Dancer
Taya Seaton as Gong Girl 2
Angela Shaw as Young Biddy #4
Brea St. James as Lead Officer
Darby Steeves as Odd Player
Bradley Stryker as Camarilla Speaker
Sarah Surh as Frantic Mom
Tessa Tamura as Dancer
Julie Tao as Cleo
Lou Ticzon as Caretaker
Shanae Tomasevich as Investigator
Quinnie Vu as Army Officer
Kendra Westwood as Nurse
Kenny Wood-Schatz as Male Cadet