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Diggstown Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Wiki and More

Diggstown Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Wiki and More

Here you get all information about Diggstown Season 2 like Diggstown Season 2 Release Date, Diggstown Season 2 Cast and More.

Diggstown is a Candian Drama TV Series. Diggstown's Season 2 is release on 04 March, 2020. Vinessa Antoine, Stacey Farber, C. David Johnson are the main cast of Diggstown Season 2. More Details about Diggstown's Season 4 are below.

Network: CBC Television

Name: Diggstown Season 2

Release Date: 4 March 2020 (CBC)

Language: English

Genres: Drama

Country: Canada

Director: Kelly Makin

Writers: Floyd Kane, Priscilla White


Vinessa Antoine As Marcie Diggs
Stacey Farber As Pam MacLean
C. David Johnson As Reggie Thompson
Brandon Oakes As Doug Paul
Natasha Henstridge As Colleen MacDonnell
Shailene Garnett As Iris Beals
Arlene Duncan As Velma Diggs
Maurice Dean Wint As Austin Diggs
Dwain Murphy As Avery Mueller
Jenny Brizard As Emily Diggs
Hugh Thompson As Gregor Ross
Lanette Ware As Judge Lawrence
Billy MacLellan As Willy MacIsaac
Kathryn Alexandre As Ainslie MacKay
Matthew Bennett As Steve Conway
David Christoffel As Bernard Schachter
Aidan Devine As Ezra Elvins
Mpho Koaho As Percy Lincoln
Koumbie Koumbie As Patsy Diggs
Elias Lawrence As Miles MacIsaac
Cassandra McCall As Becca MacIsaac
Joanne Miller As Louise Reid
Lily Jean Oliver As Ravyn
Jennie Raymond As Tessa Cox
Kim Roberts As Ona Reeves
David Rossetti As Judge Spinks
Shelley Thompson As Diana Dorey
Ian Wilson As Judge Morrison
Melanie Nicholls-King As Alice
Vickie Papavs As Thea MacLean
Star Slade As Cheryl Battiste
Patrick Kwok-Choon As Vince Hu
Kristopher Anderson As News Reporter
Dennis Andres As Conner
Benz Antoine As Stewy Brooks
Bradley Bailey As Henry Finley
John Beale As Fisher Bloom
Sara Botsford As Poesy Ross
Linda Carvery As Deena Downey
Desiree Casimir As Dora Reporter
Tyrell Casimir As E Earnest