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Goa Liberation Day : 19 December

Goa Liberation Day : 19 December

The Liberation Day of Goa is celebrated on 19 December annually.

On this date in 1961, Goa was released from the Portuguese dominion after army operation and extended freedom movement.

This day is celebrated in commemoration of the Indian armed forces that helped Goa to received freedom from Portuguese rule.

Operation Vijay was launched by Indian Armed forces to freed Goa from the control of Portuguese. It is said that in the battle, around 22 Indians and 30 Portuguese soldiers were killed.

On 30 May 1987, Goa got the statehood status and became one of the richest and top per capita income states of India.

19th December is an important day in the history of Goa. People in a state celebrate this day in the remembrance of the freedom fighter, who fought to liberate Goa from the exploitative rule of Portuguese. Liberation of Goa also completes the Independence of India in a true sense as the Goa was the only state under the foreign rule after the British left India in 1947.