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10 December : Human Rights Day

10 December : Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on 10 December every year.

The day is normally marked both by high-level political conferences and meetings and by cultural events and exhibitions dealing with human rights issues.

The theme for Human Rights Day 2019's is “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights”.

It was first announced to be celebrated every year by the United Nations General Assembly on 10th of December in the year 1948.

Human rights day was officially established in the meeting of United Nations General Assembly on 4th of December in 1950.

The High Commissioner office of the Human Rights was awarded by the Guinness World Record for the collection, translation (around 380 languages) and distribution of the worldwide announcement of the Human Rights.

At this event celebration, a global discussion on the human rights is also hosted by the High Commissioner through the social media websites.


Theme of 2019 was “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights”.

Theme of 2018 was “Stand Up For Human Rights”.

Theme of 2017 was “Let’s stand up for equality, justice and human dignity”.

Theme of 2016 was “Stand up for someone’s rights today”.

Theme of 2015 was “Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always.”

Theme of 2014 was “Celebrating 20 years of changing lives through Human Rights”.

Theme of 2013 was “20 Years: Working for Your Rights”.

Theme of 2012 was “Inclusion and the right to participate in public life” and “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.