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Do Not Disturb - An MX Original Series [ Gujarati Web series ]

Do Not Disturb - An MX Original Series [ Gujarati Web series ]

By An MX Original Series

Director: Sandeep Patel

Mansi Parekh Gohil, Malhar Thaker

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Language: Gujarati

About Season 1 :

Episode 1 - US Waala Maasi

It’s Saturday night and Meera and Maulik are all set for some weekend romance which may get interrupted by US waala Maasi

Episode 2 - Holiday

What happens when Maulik and Meera are planning for the holiday, they never took, for the nth time? The struggle is real.

Episode 3 - Reunion

So Maulik and Meera are back from a college reunion party that one has enjoyed and one hasn’t. Also involves a brief flirting incident.

Episode 4 - Pillow Ka Shooter

So… nothing has changed… except the bedroom (Meera’s place), the pillow and comfort level of Maulik!

Episode 5 - Office Outing

Featuring a wife, packing hot clothes for an office trip and a mildly panicked husband. Also featuring: insecurity, logic and a stole.

Episode 6 - Male Ego

All was going fine until Meera wore heels at a family function and dwarfed Maulik’s male ego! Also featuring: salary slips, foot massage and Mr. Perfect brother in law.