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Karnataka classified Nicotine as "Class A Poison"

Karnataka classified Nicotine as "Class A Poison" 

The Government of Karnataka has amended the Karnataka Poisons (Keeping and Selling) Rules 2015 and nicotine is classified as "Class A Poison".

Steps have been taken to strengthen the enforcement of a ban on the production and sale of electronic cigarettes.

In August 2018, the Union Health Ministry directed all states to ban the sale of e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) under their jurisdiction.

The notification also ordered suspension of all forms of e-cigarettes, including online publicity. This will curb illicit sales, smuggling of nicotine cartridges and e-cigarettes.

Class A poisons are "highly toxic chemicals", which are life-threatening even in very small amounts of gas or vapor in the air (such as cyanogen, hydrocyanic acid, nitrogen peroxide, and phosgene).


Nicotine is a plant alkaloid that contains nitrogen, which is found in many types of plants including tobacco plants and can also be produced artificially.

Nicotine is both a sedative and stimulant.

Nicotine is used as a direct substance in e-cigarettes and the content is up to 36 mg / mL. Although regular cigarettes also contain nicotine, it is between 1.2 to 1.4 mg / mL.

Chewing or smelling tobacco products usually release more nicotine in the body than smoking.

Important For Exams:

Capital of Karnataka: Bengaluru

CM: BS Yeddyurappa

Governor: Vajubhai Wala.