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Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka

Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka

This temple is located on the south bank of the river Tungabadra, just next to where the local bus drops you. This area in general has been an important pilgrimage centre for the worshipers of lord Shiva. Virupaksha temple is equally sort after by the tourists and pilgrims. The annual festivals attract huge crowds of both the types.  Virupaksha Temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple was constructed in Lakkana Dandesha’s assistance who was a commander under King Deva Raya II.

History :

Historically this temple have an unbroken history from the 7th century. The Virupaksha-Pampa sanctuary existed well earlier than the Vijayanagara capital was found at this place. Inscriptions pertaining to Shiva date back to the 9th and 10th centuries. What started as a tiny place of worship grew into a huge temple complex under the Vijayanagara empire.

According to the evidences, additions had been made to the Virupaksha Temple during end of Chalukyan and Hoysala periods.

Under the Vijayanagara rulers, during the middle of 14th century, there commenced a flowering of native art and culture. After the vijaynagar rulers had been defeated by invaders during the 16th century, for the most part of the superb decorative structures as well as creations had been thoroughly ruined.